nuestra-bodega-enOur Txakoli Wine


The Hiruzta - Txakoli Winery located in Hondarribia is the Rekalde family’s dream. We are a Txakoli-loving family who, with excitement and enthusiasm, have recovered the centuries-old tradition of txakoli production for the city of Hondarribia, the birthplace of the Hondarrabi Zuri.


Assisted by leading professionals such as the oenologists Ana Martín Onzain and Pepe Hidalgo, we began this adventure in 2007. The winery now extends over 10 hectares at the foothills of Jaizkibel Mountain, an optimum location for planting Txakoli vineyards.

The winery has the latest technology at its disposal. We have cutting-edge facilities which enable us to produce a Txakoli of the highest quality. The winery’s current production capacity is 160,000 bottles, a figure which we will steadily increase in the coming years.